Winter 20/21 Remote Competition Series

What is the series?

This remote competition series allows athletes to get out on their skis close to home, in a safe and fun atmosphere, to compete in various contests. Some are speed-based, but many are not! Details about upcoming contests will be delivered in emails from mid December through early March, for a total of 15+ chances to compete!

Points awarded per contest depends on the athlete’s place as well as number of participants in that event. Bonus points are available! (hint: the athlete who completes the most contests will receive one of a handful of bonus points.) The leaderboard will be updated here weekly.


The podium (places 1-3) will have a choice of prizes, including coaching packages from Carly Outside, gift cards for ski shops/services like the famous Caldwell Sport, and discounts on any product or service from Carly Outside. (Learn more) A fourth winner will be selected at random to win an additional prize!

Event Preview

Want a sneak peek at what’s coming? Here are two:

The Off-Trail Wander: judged by both longest time and farthest distance. Open for a multi-week window.

Most Color-Coordinated Ski Outfit: speaks for itself. You’ll have one week to submit pics of this one.

BONUS! Did you see a fox while skiing? You’ll be eligible for a bonus point!

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